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Not adding\saving Hosted organization\Hosted Exchange

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Hello. I install SolidCP and sucessfully add exchange server. Then i add service Hosted organization\Hosted Exchange, it is ok. But when i fill fields and push update it return me to Server properties, and if i push service link, to check it - it is all empty.

What am i doing wrong? There not show any message or error.

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I dont fully follow which page you are getting an error. There is a Exchange config guide at





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Hello. Thank you for your answer.
I add screenshot where i can not save inputed data.

I did some research, I deployed two Enterprise Servers\Portal:
-Os 2012 R2
-SolidCP Portal & Enterprise Server 1.4.8
-MS SQL Exspress 2014

-Os 2019
-SolidCP Portal & Enterprise Server 1.4.9
-MS SQL Exspress 2019

And I have two exchange servers - SolidCP Server on:
Exchange 2013
Exchange 2019

Both Exchange 2013 & Exchange 2019 Serevers save data normally (screen) on Hosted Organizations & Hosted Exchange pages, if i mange them from Second (2019 removed link ) SolidCP Portal. And Both not save data, if i manage them from First(2012R2 removed link ) SolidCP Portal.

I think configuration of First (Enterprise Servers\Portal) is wrong!
I am trying understand where my mistake, or may be i missed some configuration?