OK I have read a few posts in the forums about changing/securing the binding in IIS for SolidCP Portal.

The posts I read just were not clear on how to accomplish this in IIS.

Out of the box SolidCP Portal is binded to port 9001 and clients would need to use “http://IPADDRESS:9001” but that is not secure, puts the IP of the server out there and also makes the user have to remember to add the port to the url.

If Have a subdomain from a TLD I have hosted in SoldCP “loging.myTLD.com” and have already used LE to get a SSL cert for the subdomain. Can we use that subdomain to make SSL binding for the SolidCP Portal? I’m not sure how to do this because the binding is already being used for the subdomain.

I do not have any VPS’s or  server farm, It is just 1 stand alone server with SolidCP runing on it (Server 2016)

Any advice / steps to follow to achieve this would be greatly appreciated

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