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Some guidance Please changing ftp providers

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We are currently usiong serv-u ftp which is working fine, however the tls issues are now giving issues as the 6.3 version doesnt support 1.2 or 1.3. I have thus started looking at iis10 ftp provider, but the configuration seems to be quite different to the serv-u setups.  I have installed the ms ftp, but I now need guidance as to how I should convert to iis ftp, is active directory required to get ftp working or can it use the local users lists ? All our webservers are individual webservers not using active directory, the websites etc all working 100% using local users, can ftp do this as well.

Also the general setup of the ftp service if anyone can provide guidance on setting this up in a secure manner to make sure we dont leave any security holes open.


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