Hello, when i try to create a new Customer in my test enviroment and let SolidCP create automatic the hosted Organisation, i get following issue :

  1. 504 Gateway Time-out
    The server didn’t respond in time.
  2. Cmdlet failed. Cmdlet Get-AddressList, parameters -Identity “mytestdomain.net Rooms” -DomainController “SolidCP-DC-01.mytestdomain.local”.
  3. Cmdlet failed. Cmdlet Get-Mailbox, parameters -Identity “mytestdomain.net Public Folder Mailbox” -PublicFolder “True” -OrganizationalUnit “mytestdomain.local/SolidCP/Customers/MX01/mytestdomain.net” -DomainController “SolidCP-DC-01.mytestdomain.local”.
  4. Cmdlet failed. Cmdlet Get-PublicFolder, parameters -Identity “\mytestdomain.net” -DomainController “SolidCP-DC-01.mytestdomain.local”.

Can someone tell me whats going wrong ?

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