I’m trying to import SmarterMail 15.7 email domains into SCP v1.4.7, but it is not working. I go to the customer account for whom I want to import a mail domain. I go to Space Stats, click Import Resources, select the mail domain to import, click the Import Resources button, click OK to Proceed, and it immediately displays the Import Items dialog. The progress bar is already fully green, it says, “Task has been finished”, it shows a start time, and a duration of 00:00:00, and shows a Close button. I click Close, go to the customer’s Hosting Space menu, click Mail and select Accounts only to see that nothing has been imported.

Am I doing something wrong; am I missing something???

I can create a new mail domain just fine by creating a new customer domain then creating an email address on that domain. It just will not import existing domains since they’ve been migrated to this server. SmarterMail has been up and running fine for a little more than two weeks.



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