I’m trying to set a scheduled task to upload files to an ftp server, however that fails as SolidCP is using ftp.exe and that doesn’t support TLS. So I’ve grabbed a portable copy of winscp, placed it the hostingspaces folder, with the script file in the hostingspacesadmin folder. I’ve set the scheduled task to the following:

Type: Execute System Command
Server Name: left the field empty
Executable Path: C:HostingSpaceswinscp.com
Executable Parameters: /script=C:HostingSpacesadminupload.txt

The tasks executes but nothing happens, I can’t see winscp.com or winscp.exe in task manager, so its not executing the program. The audit log doesn’t show anything and when the task is run it stays in ‘running’ status for a while, but nothing seems to get executed.

Any ideas, and is there any chance the SolidCP will switch to an ftp client that can work with TLS?