We have now released v1.2.0. You can see the changelog as below:


Version 1.2.0:

– Fixed several form fields

– Fixed Exchange 2013/2016 Public folders with multiple users and the same display name

– Updates most service icons

– Fix for collate in GetDnsRecordsTotal Procedure

– Fixed MS DNS 2012+ provider module for windows 2016 (bypass microsoft bug)

– Fixed shared IP display for users

– Updated UI for Hosting Plan Quotas and Space Quotas

– Fix for when changing the name of the Exchange Disclaimer

– Fixed RDS User Session buttons

– Updated FTP page formatting

– Updated most exchange pages over to bootstrap for better formatting

– Updated the formatting on Servers and Virtual Servers pages in configuration

– Fixed PowerShell Installation Script for quicker installs on Server 2016

– Updated PowerShell Auto Upgrade Script to remove old files that are no longer in use

– Fixed search boxes on various pages for both style and function

– Added additional drive restrictions to RDS Collections to match AD GPO options

– Fixed form autocomplete in the password related screens

– Added LetsEncrypt support

– Updated websites and domains list with status

– Added SSL status to website list

– Added Spam Experts (experimental)

– Fix for HyperV reset button

– Fixed Exchange contacts edit page

– Fixed most form text fields (150 – 200 – normal) to bootstrap

– Fixed up policy pages

– Fixed up IP address pages

– Fixed up Phone number pages

– Fixed up hosting plan and Addons pages



Version 1.1.3 – Beta:

– Added Mailcleaner support for all other mail providers

– Fixed Dialog box width

– Added dialog box to several slow functions in SolidCP

– Fixed AD Password Policy

– Fix for Edit RDS Server page error when clicking update

– Added WYSIWYG editors for Exchange Disclaimers and a default template

– Fix for SimpleDNS primary NS

– Fix for RDS Drive mappings for multple Users

– Added German language to the SolidCP base

– Added IIS Virtual Directory support (not just virtual apps)



We have also release a manual for LetsEncrypt at https://solidcp.com/kb/configuration/setup-lets-encrypt/


More information and screenshots can be found at: https://solidcp.com/news/v1-2-0-stable-released/


If you have any questions or comments please let us know.


Kind Regards,


SolidCP Team