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workgroup and domain environment

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Good Day,

just a question on how and installation would work on the following environment, we are going to host a cloud server with server 2012 hyper-v.

The host server will remain on a work group while the hosted exchange server which will be on a vm part of active directory domain.

I am installing solid CP on the Host server .


my question is: How would the hosted exchange config work in SolidCP on and eviroment like this. i mean how does the 2 servers talk to each other workgroup to domain in solid CP?


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Marco Tiggelaar
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For this it's pretty simple actually 🙂

SolidCP Server is the one that "executes" everything on the server(s) it self

so what you do is add SolidCP Server on the Exchange server WITH active directory account --> add it in Portal --> configuration --> Servers (with all roles)

You then set the Active Directory settings inside SolidCP Portal for that specific server (so it knows to use AD domain , etc).

SolidCP Portal /enterprise will simply communicate to the SolidCP Server inside active directory to execute the tasks for Exchange, while servers outside of AD will simply be using local accounts.

Hopefully that explanation is clear and i didn't confuse you more 🙂