We use WSP 2.1 for an exchange 2013 hosting service and I am looking for help to upgrade to Solid CP.

I want to perform a test upgrade first by creating a backup server with the same version of WSP I am using and test upgrading on that before I upgrade the production server.

I have 1 server which has Portal and Enterprise roles and a CAS server with the server role.

I have built a new test server and installed Portal and Enterprise roles (then copied all the config from the live server) and also restored the live SQL database to it and confirmed it works ok.

I have added the WSP 2.1 server component to a 2nd CAS server (which I want to use to test an upgrade) and added it as a server in the test web site panel portal.

My question is can I just just change the Target Server on the test websitepanel portal to the 2nd CAS server (I realize that any changes I make will not be reflected in the live websitepanel)?

Once I have my working test environment I will then test an upgrade.

Kind Regards