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02 - 06 - 2016
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How to set-up SolidCP IP access restriction

At the current moment this has not been tested with any reverse proxy and the use of Header forwarding.

This guide will show you how to restrict the use of Administrator accounts by ip address. This can be used as a security feature but you should still ensure that secure passwords are used.

1. Login to SolidCP as a administrator

2. Select Configuration -> System Settings

3. Under Administrator IP access restriction settings you can add IPs

4.When adding a new IP it should be on a new line with a comma.

When adding the new IP it is possible to do this by Subnet CIDR. So for example you use a with a subnet mask of and you want to allow every ip on this range you would add For more information on CIDR can be found at


An example list is:,

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