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05 - 11 - 2016
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13 - 11 - 2016

Windows Server 2016 Tested Providers

This document shows which providers have been tested on Windows Server 2016. We will also include any comments regarding issues we have found.

We have confirmed that the SolidCP Portal/Enterprise/Server is working fine on server 2016.


Microsoft known issue list

Known Good

  • IIS
  • Microsoft DNS - Requires SolidCP Server 1.1.2
  • AWStats
  • RDS Session Host - It will work with a 2012R2 gateway
  • Exchange 2016 - Fully functioning with SolidCP. Known bug in Exchange with DAG as listed on Microsoft Site

Known Issues

  • RDS Gateway - Doesn't create a collection. Will need to investigate further and a possible new provider
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