First contributors conference

How to setup HyperV 2012r2 Server.
31 - 08 - 2016
SolidCP Requirements
05 - 11 - 2016

Yesterday was the very first Contributors conference, I would like to thank everyone who attended, and invite everyone who couldn’t make it this time around to join next time.

We will hold a conference once a month from here on, 1-2 hours earlier than the one we held yesterday night.

In nearly 3 hours we gone through most aspects which I will summarize here.


Sub version update 1.1.1:

Will be released on Sunday 25th September 2016

It will include:

  • Bandwidth fix
  • Several button fixes
  • User / Mail page layout fixes
  • Exchange calendar and contact permissions fix for mailboxes in a different language then English.


Major version release: 1.2.0:

Release Date: 31st January 2017

This will break the 3 month cycle due to holidays in December, and will give us additional time to properly test it for issues.

It will include:

  • Further design improvements (all forms to bootstrap based, etc).
  • Online automatic update, Installer update, and PowerShell update “unified” so there’s 1 way for all to update automatically.
  • Online Alert section that informs of:
    • SolidCP Update available
    • SolidCP Server not responding / wrong password / offline
    • Maybe some more items along the line.
  • Password honey pot field to prevent incoming brute force attacks
  • Lets Encrypt support
  • Overusage report modernized
  • Hyper-v VMM module
  • SpamExperts module
  • Sharepoint path based collections
  • DNS Made easy
  • Coldfusion DSN support
  • Filemanager improvements (allow apply to all or apply to single file)


Long term vision:

  • Add billing functionalities (back) into the panel (with api’s to integrate with existing billing systems)
  • Microsoft CSP qualifications:
    • Azure Active directory integration
    • Office 365 integration
    • Billing compliance
  • CMS Frontend
  • KVM / VMWare / XEN support


If your available please let me know if you want/can pick up some of the tasks for v1.2.0, we can use all the help we can get.

Thank you all for your time and effort to make SolidCP better.

Marco Tiggelaar
Marco Tiggelaar
  • - Co-Founder of SolidCP & Founder of Key4ce.
  • - More then 10 years of experience with Windows high availability and Microsoft Exchange.
  • - More then 10 years of experience with Linux and Unix.
  • - Open source enthusiast and a large contributor for multiple Open Source projects including Websitepanel.
  • - My current main focus of attention is Geo-Clustering.

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