v1.3.0 stable has been released!

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18 - 08 - 2017
Active Directory advanced OU Segregation
31 - 01 - 2018

Whats new in version 1.3.0?

Lets Encrypt

We have included native support for Lets Encrypt certificates for IIS 7 (requires dedicated IP), IIS 8/8.5 and IIS 10 

For IIS 8 / 8.5 / 10 we highly recommend to enable SNI, and have your IIS bindings set to <all ip's> ( * ) 

Lets encrypt is natively supported in SolidCP, this means you do not need to configure anything on the server it self, the only thing you need to enable is SSL in the hosting plan, you then go to the SSL tab inside the website and chose to install lets encrypt certificate.

It automatically renews every 60 days using Windows Tasks. 

To remove a certificate or include new pointers you are required to delete the certificate (please note this might take a bit, refresh the page or jump to a different page like websites lists / space home and back to the website properties to get the Install Certificate page again).

2017-10-01 20_26_27-SolidCP - SCPTest - vServer1 - Web Sites

Hyper-v 2016

We have included support for hyper-v 2016 nodes. 

Do note that this implementation is basic functionality, the additional hyper-v 2016 features will be added over time (such as hotswap cpu/ mem, etc).

Multiple Remote Desktop Gateways

We have added a feature that now allows multiple RDS Gateways which was an requirement for different large enterprises.

If you want them separated in different regions, or simply for a large customer base, this new feature should suite many scenarios for big and small companies alike.

There's more RDS fixes coming in next release after this to make it further ready for any scenario with eye on security.

2017-10-01 20_29_08-SolidCP - RDSServers

View the full change set:

  • Changed all Int16 to Int32 due to issues with Int16 values.
  • RDS is now made for multiple RDSGateway servers in different domains.
  • RDS Added option in hosting plan to prevent user from adding new RDSServer to HostedOrg.
  • HyperV: Changed group name from Virtual Private Servers 2012 to HyperV.
  • HyperV: Added 2016 provider so we can add features in the future for this version.
  • HyperV: Fixed Replications page.
  • Instant Alias fixed.
  • Instant Alias Renamed to Preview Domain.
  • Added Preview Domain checkbox on Domain creation.
  • Search box improved with advanced search drop down.
  • Search box fixed up to html5 on all pages.
  • Smartermail 10+ bug fixes.
  • Smartermail 10+ gui design fixes.
  • Smartermail 10+ tested with v16.
  • Exchange 2013/2016 Distribution boxes allowed in mailbox priveledges.
  • Exchange 2013/2016 Root public folder fix (permission and mailenabled disabled).
  • Hosted Organization Delete User button fix (first load issue).
  • Hosting Plan only displays available services.
  • Space Item button fix.
  • Small Website fixes.
  • SolidCP Portal, Enterprise and Installer pushed to asp.net v4.5.
  • NuGet packages updated to latest version / correct framework.
  • Whoisclient updated to v3.
  • AnyCPU + Optimize code set on all projects.
  • LetsEncrypt added for IIS 7 , 8 and 10.
  • Changes to log error service id for bandwidth task when error is caused.

Download SolidCP 1.3.0 now

The new stable version is now available for download. 

You can use the Automatic update script to update all your components at once.

**Please note that SolidCP portal and Enterprise require ASP.NET 4.5 minimum

Please let us know any bugs / issues / comments.

Marco Tiggelaar
Marco Tiggelaar
  • - Co-Founder of SolidCP & Founder of Key4ce.
  • - More then 10 years of experience with Windows high availability and Microsoft Exchange.
  • - More then 10 years of experience with Linux and Unix.
  • - Open source enthusiast and a large contributor for multiple Open Source projects including Websitepanel.
  • - My current main focus of attention is Geo-Clustering.

Key4ce - IT Professionals :: https://www.key4ce.com

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