Originally, we setup our solidcp servers manually we virtualised our dns servers and some other servers and are running 100% on hyperv. Subsequently and maybe stupidly, we created a userprofile on the solidcp control panel specifically for the system servers and imported two of our servers into this client profile so we can shutdown, and manage all these virtualized servers from solidcp.  However before I bring in all the rest of the servers across, i need some guidance.

  • Obviously when creating vps’s in solidcp you assign a userprofile ip addresses which can be used on the vps.
  • However when you setup a server in solidcp physical or virtual you assign ips to the server for websites, general etc.
  • Where the question comes in is, for example a server needs to use ips – should all the ips be assigned to the vps network
  • And then in the server definition assign the ips from the general pool as well for the services, ie dns etc.

When we imported the vps, you have to select the ips to add to the network config, we added all 10 addresses this way and the server was rebooted and on logging on i checked the ips  and all were assigned to the network physically, but editing the server definition, the ip that we wanted to use for the dns server was missing, all the other ips were there in the profile except the one missing one (ie we added more ips than that was originally added when the server profile was originally created).   This seemed to be due to the server not being assigned the ip via the general ips list, so I added it and solidcp rebooted the server and then the ip was assigned to the dns service.

My concern is will this not be a clash between the server definition and the vps definition both trying to assign ips. Should we maybe only assign a single ip to the vps server, and then add general ips in the server definition ? Or do we add the ips in both the vps network, and then in the server definition as general ips so they can be added to the services ?  Not sure what the best practises are, not sure if someone has done this setup yet, it works 100% fine, its maybe just an import glitch, or a senior moment ? 😉

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