I’ve tried several times over several months to get help, and keep submitting support tickets but I have no idea where they disappear to because they don’t get answered and they don’t appear in the ‘My Tickets’ page either.

I have tried to upgrade to SolidCP from WebsitePanel, I followed the guides to the letter, but there was an issue with the Enterprise Server which I couldn’t get resolved – with no answer to any requests for help I had to try to revert back to WebsitePanel using my back up.

That hasn’t worked either and with no documentation I can use to help find out why that has failed I have now tried a fresh install of SolidCP by downloading the msi file. That ran through the entire install in under 2 seconds and appears to have done nothing at all.

So I am completely stuffed. I have no CP, and no apparent way to get one up and running, and no help forthcoming from you guys.

I am facing a huge issue now and would really really really appreciate some contact and some help. As I say, I have submitted about 6 support tickets but haven’t had a single answer to any of them, so I don’t know if that works either.

Please can some one help me either;

  1. Get my upgrade working
  2. Get my backup working
  3. Get the msi installer package working

Many thanks,

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