I seem to have either forgot or have an issue with my SolidCP. When I attempt to edit a mailbox plan while logged in as the serveradmin and going to All Customers –> Selecting Customer –> Selecting Mailbox Plan –> selecting mailbox Plan, there seems to be no way to edit the plan. I am thinking I setup the plan as a Global Plan, but I can’t remember how to get to the Global Mailbox Plan if indeed that is the problem. I looked over the guide at https://solidcp.com/kb/configuration/exchange-2013-2016-configuration/   and Marco says:
Mailbox Plans.
These can be created in 2 ways:

  1. Global Mailbox plans
  2. Mailbox plans per Hosted Organization

– See more at: https://solidcp.com/kb/configuration/exchange-2013-2016-configuration/#sthash.w0I53t7K.dpuf


But there seems to be no doc’s on how or where to get to the “Global Mailbox Plans”.

Really lost on this one. Thanks!