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Exchange 2016 to 2019

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We have installed Exchange2019 and mowed all the mailboxes to 2019.

How do we make Solidcp use the 2019 server when editing existing mailboxes with a hosting and existing hosting space?

I am not great on SLQ server so an detaild answer as possible would be greatly apriciated.

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The best option is to change the URL for the Server in Configuration -> Servers to your new Exchange server.

You will also need to modify the provider to the Exchange 2019 one.



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Hi Trevor,

Thanks that worked. I can't find any documentation on changing the ServiceItemProperties when adding new servers.

Is there any documentation on that? If not we are willing to pay someone a couple of hours to write some documentation on that.

Also if there is a feature request list then please ad changing hosting plans to use new server for exiting customers through the GUI would be really nice. When upgrading DNS server, from 2016,2019 to 2022 or  Exchange servers from 2013,2016 to 2019 and so making the exiting users use the new servers requires a lot of "fiddling" in the MS SQL database. We are also willing to contribute to that feature.