Good day trevor,

Please can you supply a list of variables that can be used in the emails, in the user account settings as, i tried a few things and the page indicated that there was the following fields that could be called when I used a field #Account.Password#  in an attempt to figure out the fields.

Error in template (Line 92, Column 48): Public property could not be found: Password. Supported properties: CrmUserId,DomainUserName,AccountType,Manager,Disabled,FirstName,Initials,LastName,JobTitle,Company,Department,Office,BusinessPhone,Fax,

So I assumed that these would be #account.xxxc# fields which I used in the user email, half of these fields dont populate despite the fact they are set in the users details in the page, this is due to them being set in the active directory users profile, they do not exist in the DB. So my question is how do we query fields like external email address, and folders that the user has access to in the cloud folders section. I want to send the user their login with their password, with various fields populated as well as the list of folders to use and map, and also how to use the cloud portal. Currently this info does not exist it seems..

please advise urgently.



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