We have 13 HyperV servers which we are replicating images from one server onto another in a chain this, is purely for disaster recovery situations, and this if configured manually works 100%, ie H1 vm1 replicates to h2, H2 vm1 replicates to h3, H3 vm1 replicates to h4, etc.  However in SolidCp you only have the option to enable replication or become a replica server.

Surely this can be enabled as it is in Hyperv manager, where replication is enabled, and it can also be selectable where we want to replicate a replica if enabled. To put a server in as a specific role of only receiving replicas is a waste of resources or a server sitting there doing nothing but receiving the replicas. Our servers are capable or running multiple vms, so to only allow us to set 50% as replica servers, and enable sending replicas on 50% only is a huge waste of resources.

Can it be enabled that if we want both roles enabled we can do this ?? HyperV Server Manager allows this surely SolidCp can too.

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