I am moving our windows servers from helm4 to solid cp, initially I am moving  8 web servers running iis7.5 and servu ftp on each,  2 mail servers with smartermail and running msdns, 1 mssql 2008 db server and 1 mysql db server.  We are also using whmcs.  My questions are as follows :

  1. can solidcp be loaded without issues with helm4 ?
  2. All these servers are production servers, How do i go about adding the users and then importing their info into the solidcp system ? ie websites, mail, db etc
  3. the path for spaces used is eg d:\domains\username\domainname\wwwroot can the username be dropped ie d:\domains\domainname\wwwroot ?
  4. if you assign a customer a space, are they tied to a specific server ? i have created virtual servers but dont understand the space name in the path, ie point3, one customer could have websites across multiple servers, so each server would reflect their space name, currently helm only uses the path c:\domains\domainname\wwwroot can this be done ?
  5. what is the point of the os system ? is it to offer quotas or what ? it seems it only adds one server in when a space is created and used. basically my customers have one hosting acct, ie space, which is governed ny a hosting package, and then their domains are load balanced across all the servers based on load. the web server and ftp servers are linked, ie if web server 1 is assigned, then ftp on the web server 1 is assigned to the account.
  6. Is there more documentation on the various services, what they do how they should be setup, etc. I cannot seem to find in depth documentation.

Awaiting your rersponses