If you setup your server and setup policies, ie the mail policy to use for example uppers, lowers, digits and symbol and on your user account you dont select to use for example the symbol option, which we are not doing right now because our whmcs passwords dont have them, when you create the customers account, it fails and removes all the options that it creates, ie domain, web, etc almost like a rollback.

  1. The issue here it seems is the email account it creates is created using the whmcs account password and because there is no symbol it fails and rolls back.  The question here then is why not just sync the password options across all services, ie in policies rather have a security policy that applies to all services, because its stupid to have the mail policy separate from the account policy, but then go and use the account password for the email account, maybe rather just generate a random password.
  2. The second issue is the email account gets created as mail@thedomain.com, can this email account name be changed, ie to postmaster or the accounts name in whmcs (OK I am going to answer this myself, its in mail policies, its the catchall account name that sets this account)? also I see another account gets created automatically system.domain.admin can this also be renamed to another name, ie postmaster ?
  3. Does smartermail get restarted at any point in this process, as after I create a user and then use whmcs to terminate the users account, the webmail interface gives a page error for about 5 minutes and then becomes active again, if this is the case where can we stop it from doing this, as this is going to affect webmail users
  4. The password policy also only offers uppers, digits and symbols, can it be amended to force a lowers option as well please. As this causes confusion when a person creates a password without lowers, the error returned does not say use a lower case char as well.


Thanks in advance as always