I’m testing SolidCP (v1.1.2) with Mailenable (v9.52) and I have a problem when creating or modifying a mailbox.

I’m using Mailenable with local authentication, and when creating a mailbox, it is created but the password is not stored in the auth file.

The same if modify the password account, the new password is not stored.

In event log I see the next error:

[11/22/2016 10:04:07 AM] ERROR: ‘MailEnable Server 1.x – 7.x’ CreateAccount

System.Exception: AddLogin method Returned 0

at SolidCP.Providers.Mail.MailEnable.CreateAccount(MailAccount info)

at SolidCP.Server.MailServer.CreateAccount(MailAccount account)


Is this version of Mailenable supported?

Any suggestion to solve?

Kind regards.