After a lot of trial and error of setting up our installation, it seems to have come to the fore when testing the services, apps, etc that certain issues arose and things just did not seem to work as expected. After having issues on our ftp servers, things started to follow a similar thread when things didn’t work. This relates to the bitness of the application and the app pool of the solidcp server website on the specific machine. After trying a few things I have now nailed it down to this issue. For example a server with mysql on it, if the app pool is 32bit and the mysql software is 64bit, you end up with an error that says the directory is invalid and the backup doesnt work, so you assume you have set the mysql directory wrong and you try change this to no avail. Simply change the app pool to the bitness of the app and  “bingo” the feature works fine.

Our other server with iis (64bit) and ftp (32bit) on it when set to 64bit app pool everything works except for the ftp side, ie cant create users, etc, if you swing the app pool to 32bit, the ftp user creation etc works, but if you go into the iis side and try save settings it fails, set the app pool back and the iis side works again.  This seems related to services or features that does lookups in registry or edits registry in the case of serv-u user creation. So it seems that solidcp uses 64bit registry locations when the app pool is in 64bit mode and 32bit (wow6432node location) if the app pool is in 32bit mode, obviously this is a major issue now because you cant use both 32bit and 64bit apps on the same server with this issue.

Trevor can we get this looked into, is it possible to maybe automate the process to check first the 64bit location and if not there check the 32bit location and if not then only give an error, or as an alternative, add a bitness selector that if selected uses the correct path.  Or maybe there is an easier way to resolve this. But I have now tested this on most of the services and functions and this seems to be the issue that causes problems, it seems related to registry issue, mysql user creation and db creation doesn get stored in registry this is why you can create users and dbs fine, but when you backup it uses registry to get the mysql path info and fails..