I am setting up Solidcp to manage/create Windows 2012 R2 VMs for Hyper-v

I tried to follow this guide to create OS templates:

How to make a HyperV2012r2 OS Template

I followed all the instuctions, but got stuck in this section:


In the SolidCP OS Templates you can give it a path on the server. This will be the path that the vhd/vhdx will be stored.

Name: Give it a useful name that everyone will see in SolidCP.

File Name (With Extension): This is the vhdx file such as Win2012r2DC.vhdx

Index of the volume to expand: This is generally set to 1 (We have seen on 2016 this is normally 0)

Sysprep files: \Windows\System32\sysprep\unattend.xml

Use legacy adapter: Not Ticked

Can set a computer name: Ticked

Can set an Administrator password: Ticked

Can set IP addresses: Ticked


I am not sure where to find the above options. The video stops after creating the sysprep image but does not show where to place them, in which folder, etc… What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,


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