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SolidCP WHMCS module v. 1.1.2 - now compatible with PHP7

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Hey all,

the latest SolidCP WHMCS module is updated in the WHMCS marketplace (but the changelog is still not updated there).

v. 1.1.2 - 05 Dec. 2016
- Compatible with WHMCS v7 and PHP 7 (WHMCS < 6 and PHP < 5.3.7 are NOT supported anymore)
- Transition to new DB framework in WHMCS due to deprecated old database connections
- Fixed adding addons in Admin panel
- German module language added in admin area
- Small bug fixes

Feel free to download on and don't forget to leave a 5 star vote :).

Best regards


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We have problems using the SolidCp WHMCS module

We installed it on the whmcs server with port 9002, we can reach the solidcp panel on port 9002 with a browser, however the connection test in whmcs doesnt work. the connection is not established, but there is no error, and also on a sniffer i see no connection request from the whmcs module.

SolidCP was new installed with the latest version of the whmcs module.

Should the test button work for the solidcp module in the whmcs server section  ???

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ?

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We found the solution for this error. The soap module was not active on the php config.

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am having the same issue, can u advise how u fixed that ?....

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Can you check if soap is enabled in your PHP?




Trevor Robinson

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