Dont want to sound stupid here, but this has really got me confused. I have assigned ip addresses under the configuration to the vps external network list. If I then goto the ip address list and view vps external ip addresses I see the addresses I have added. In the db I see the addresses, the serverid is “nul” and the poolid is “3” this is 100% ok.

I then goto the user where I want to assign the ip address, click on hyper-v, then select vps menu > external network > then select allocate ip addresses, and zero addresses appear. and no matter what I do I cannot assign addresses, the quota says I still can assign 41 more addresses. Then if I look in the database at the ip address that is showing from previous additions when we were on 1.4.1 I see the ip is identified in the db as server “4” which is a remote hyperv core server, our second one we added, if I set the ips that I added to server id “4” in the db then I can allocate them to the user. If I try any other server id, they just dont show at all.

So My question is why are the ips not showing up unless they are assigned to this “4” server, which is a remote, and not even the primary vps server that controlling the other vps servers. And secondly surely there should be no server address assigned, untill you have allocated the ips to the users account and then added them to a vps surely.

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